All over the planet large predators are at risk. Habitat loss and conflict with humanity are turning these apex species into living anachronisms with limited space in the modern world.

Photographers Paul Goldstein and Kyriakos Kaziras have spent two decades photographing these vulnerable animals in their shrinking habitats.

From the lions and leopards of Africa to the polar bears of the Arctic and Alaska and the tigers of India to the jaguars of Brazil, they have captured the lives of these hunters in unprecedented detail.

The 220 photographs presented are a result of a patient, painstaking and sensitive approach by both photographers. The images are honest, uncompromising and often brutal. Each provides an insight into the lives of nature's killers. Together, they comprise an extraordinary record of species that may soon be outpaced by human greed.  

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Paul Goldstein

  Paul Goldstein is an English photographer internationally renowned, for more than 20 years, for his photographs of animals. His photographic approach is based on a strict ethic and a total respect of wild life and animal subjects.

A specialist in the photography of movement, several of his photographs can be compared to live paintings in which the force of nature becomes allied to artistic beauty sharing the emotion of the animals of Africa and the polar bears of Spitsbergen.


  With his camera Paul Goldstein paints landscapes and portraits like Turner, Rembrandt and Van Gogh all rolled into one.  

Brian Jackman

Kyriakos Kaziras

  Born in Greece, Kyriakos Kaziras is fascinated, very early, by exploring animal, nature and wild landscape subjects.

During its journeys, he draws his inspiration from the lights, the emotion and the encounters.

Privileged witness of the beauty of the world, its photographs reflect its look on the fascinations of the wild life, touching and natural and present, with sincerity and respect, the magnificence of the landscapes and its animals.

Kyriakos Kaziras is the photographer of moment, perpetually in search of the instant/time when emotion become reality.