Mara Magic

  Kenya’s Masai Mara is the most prolific wildlife area in the world. It is a delicate eco-system not immune to changeable weather patterns, but its mid-year grasslands provide an irresistible lure to over one million ruminants, as they thunder North from the Serengeti. Many parks and reserves in Africa claim all manner of alchemy when it comes to predators, scenery and light and most short-change, handing out their favours sparingly. It is not just the animals in the Mara, but the remarkable light, dazzling backdrops and coruscating colours that bring Paul Goldstein and Kyriakos Kaziras back to the plains many times a year.

Both are fiercely protective of this priceless jewel and both extremely sensitive to its moods. Whilst spending eight hours immobile waiting for a hungry cheetah to explode out of the burnished oat grass may not be everyone’s idea of fun, or indeed photography, for these two it is their mating call.

Their photographs are ambitious, many times they fail, but when they do not, the results can be spectacular. Critically, few of the images inside are ‘safe’, many will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it would be dull if they were.

The Masai Mara is different every day, it is fully deserving of the ‘Magic’ accolade, it has to continue. It is imperative greed, short-sightedness and corruption – diseases not uncommon in Africa - are not allowed to plunder this paradise.   

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Paul Goldstein

  Paul Goldstein is an award-winning British wildlife photographer, guide and presenter. He leads safaris and expeditions all over the world yet his favourite area is the Masai Mara. He is co-owner of Kicheche – a stable of small camps across Kenya and it is here where the work for this book was compiled, over many game drives.

He met Kyriakos Kaziras a number of years ago and before long ‘Kiki’ was spending more time in the Mara than him. Both are incredibly hard-working photographers: diligent, enterprising and neither afraid of failure. They are also very different and this combination of styles compliments each another. They both utterly adore Kenya’s Masai Mara, especially the jealously-guarded Conservancies.  

  If you want to learn how to be a wildlife photographer no-one will drag you up the learning curve quicker  

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Kyriakos Kaziras

  Born in Greece, Kyriakos Kaziras is fascinated, very early, by exploring animal, nature and wild landscape subjects.

During its journeys, he draws his inspiration from the lights, the emotion and the encounters.

Privileged witness of the beauty of the world, its photographs reflect its look on the fascinations of the wild life, touching and natural and present, with sincerity and respect, the magnificence of the landscapes and its animals.

Kyriakos Kaziras is the photographer of moment, perpetually in search of the instant/time when emotion become reality.